Compliant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Compliant:

Festing was doubtful, but they found Norton, the contractor's engineer, more compliant than he hoped.

Belief in the real change gave her full view of the compliant coward she had been.

There certainly was a copy of "Frankenstein," and fifty years ago our flesh was so compliant as to creep during its perusal.

Dave was impressed to utter lack of speech, and resumed work upon the again compliant affair without comment.

In manners she was easy and compliant: in discourse sometimes grave and sometimes merry.

For a long time Fenwick contrived to pay the Stamp Office dues by money borrowed from compliant friends.

Had Brask been more compliant, or the Church less rich, the king would not unlikely have continued in the faith.

He never applauded men of too compliant a disposition, saying, "He who endeavours to please all, ought to please none."

She had found her to be unobtrusive, gentle, and unselfish; and had conceived that she must therefore be weak and compliant.

With precepts that are the counsels of a dear and wise friend, she moulds the susceptible compliant bosom.