Complicates [verb]

Definition of Complicates:

confuse, make difficult

Opposite/Antonyms of Complicates:

Sentence/Example of Complicates:

Evil complicates, by one knows not what hydra-headed monstrosity, the vast, cosmic whole.

This factional struggle greatly complicates every revolutionary movement.

The matter in my mind complicates itself with the question of a universal ego.

The question which complicates the decision is: When did Columbus consider his sailor's life to have ended?

"Yes, the lack of an It complicates games very much," said the ex-Pirate.

The fact of the word Jaszag in Magyar meaning a bowman complicates it.

This complicates the machinery for the supply of wind, but adds greatly to the picturesque character of the instrument.

It vastly hinders and complicates the work of construction, and adds greatly to the expense.

It is clear that this hypothesis somewhat complicates electrostatics, but that it brings back into it gravitation.

Alas, a fresh act of dishonesty lately perpetrated in the bank, complicates matters.