Complicities [noun]

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She examines the complex history of Ghanaians, how their complicity in slavery both in the Americas and in their own country resonates through their history.

The book is a few years old now, but many of its messages—of blame, complicity, compassion, and endless nuance—are timelier than ever, as the needle for action on climate change has shifted rapidly this year.

Neither had the slightest suspicion of the lawyers complicity in the events of the night before.

Already, however, had returning shame made everybody unwilling to avow his complicity in the crime.

Perhaps he preferred doubt to shocking certainty, as if he could thus escape the remorse attendant upon criminal complicity.

Hinde, too, is accused of complicity, and both are taken in chains through the town.

Accordingly, it was asserted that the arrested Sinn Feiners had been guilty of complicity in a German plot.

They had, however, generally retracted their admissions of complicity made on the rack.

For my complicity at Mother Carron's that night and my refusal to testify at the trial they had shipped me back to the Collective.

But there was a third and bigger bird; for the complicity of Germany in dispatching the Ultimatum is no matter for surmise.