Complies [verb]

Definition of Complies:

abide by, follow agreement or instructions

Opposite/Antonyms of Complies:

Sentence/Example of Complies:

Robust contact tracing systems work only if people comply with public health officials and share their contact history or quarantine if necessary.

Recent changes in state law will allow civil — not just criminal — penalties for those who don’t comply with the statewide mask order, but Northam said he prefers to emphasize “mitigations” and changing behavior through a marketing campaign.

“These individuals will also conduct various aspects of inspections and reviews of whether or not various actions are complied with and requirements are met,” Samarasinghe said.

Jayanth Kolla, chief analyst at consultancy firm Convergence Catalyst, told TechCrunch that by having more cloud regions in India, it will be easier for Amazon to comply with the nation’s data localization policy.

Downstream vendors too must comply with those data subject requests.

CPRA slightly changes who is a covered “business” and thus who must comply.

Family landowners largely haven’t participated in such markets up to now because complying with the programs can be complicated and expensive.

“It just seemed like they made the wrong decision there, and it really wasn’t feasible for people to comply,” said Christine Speidel, who runs a tax clinic at Villanova University that helps low-income taxpayers.

The USPS has argued that it was complying with the earlier injunction and that data showing a sharp drop in the use of overtime and late trips had nothing to do with election mail.

It was no longer enough for the discount retailer to impose safety measures on its 300,000 store workers while merely asking, but not requiring, customers to comply, Target CEO Brian Cornell told the Fortune Global Forum on Monday.