Complimented [verb]

Definition of Complimented:

praise, flatter

Opposite/Antonyms of Complimented:

Sentence/Example of Complimented:

The Emperor complimented these brave men and said that of all the hundred and thirty thousand men engaged they were the bravest.

This from opposing counsel was a compliment indeed, and I was much complimented upon it.

Loud shouts from the spectators greeted them; and everybody complimented the architect on the execution of his vast undertaking.

The French master was highly pleased, and complimented him much on the wisdom of his resolution.

Mr. Younge complimented them on their beauty; they smiled with more grace than seemed to belong to their station.

My Brigadier also complimented me on the smartness of my guards at Brigade Headquarters.

Admiring friends soon gathered around him, and complimented him on his success; he altogether forgot Babette.

I made him my salutations, and complimented him upon his look of health; for I feared he had perhaps been ill.

"I think she will be just as much complimented if we make less noise," suggested Bess.

She complimented Fox on the part he had played, and placed his bust in her palace between those of Demosthenes and Cicero.