Complimenting [verb]

Definition of Complimenting:

praise, flatter

Opposite/Antonyms of Complimenting:

Sentence/Example of Complimenting:

In fact, they can be seen onstage where plexiglass walls separate the actors from the audience compliments of out scenic designer Clifton Chadick.

It’s one of those lines that sounds like a compliment, but lands more as a judgment, as though there’s something wrong with being single in your 30s.

That is like the most amazing compliment that I have ever received.

They also have superior team chemistry, with Butler wearing Herro’s high school jersey after big games and teammates dishing out compliments to an obnoxious degree.

Earlier this year, Epley and his colleague Xuan Zhao found that people tend to underestimate how much other people will appreciate their compliments, and so will often forego saying something nice.

Barnes was buying it on the instalment system, and I quite won his heart by complimenting him on it.

I could not find an opportunity, after the audience, of complimenting him upon the progress which the prince had made.

If this form of complimenting must be acknowledged to be simple, it must be admitted to be very affectionate.

Clemens had felt always such a reverence and awe for the great soldier that he had never dreamed of complimenting his literature.

This fountain is of white marble, embellished with many festoons and Arabic distichs, complimenting the monarch and his princess.