Compliments [noun]

Definition of Compliments:

praise, flattery

Opposite/Antonyms of Compliments:

Sentence/Example of Compliments:

In his cracked old voice, he still paid his Grandisonian compliments to the two ladies.

Hence, we leave him at this point, joining heartily in the best wishes and the compliments bestowed upon him by his friends.

The grandmother was proud of her grand-daughter, and the servants paid the young lady many compliments.

She felt that servants had no right to presume to pay her compliments—that they were thus assuming that she was upon their level.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard's compliments to Mrs. Garret, and accept with pleasure her kind invitation for Wednesday.

In the ordinary compliments of civilized life, there is no intention to deceive, and consequently no falsehood.

The second proclamation is one of the highest compliments ever paid by a military chief to his soldiers.

"I think we have exchanged compliments enough," said he, and Fortunio wagged his head approvingly.

The latter was enthusiastic over my symphony, and paid me many compliments.

It was not long before the captains of the Nashville and the Brooklyn were exchanging compliments.