Comporting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Comporting:

The gentlemen awaited her with impatience, the ladies with curiosity, to see how she would comport herself in her new situation.

He told his disciples that they would be dragged before the judges, and gave them advice as to how they should comport themselves.

To use the words of Prof. Venable, they do not "comport with the general delicacy of the book."

In every way they comport themselves just as old ducks do and not at all in the ways of their hen mother.

Does it comport with our honor and dignity to admit into our ports and harbors the very vessels destroying our commerce?

How such things comport with Christianity it is impossible to explain.

These comport themselves in the hive as did Penelope's suitors in the house of Ulysses.

It is no matter that in real life fact may not comport with the statements of fiction.

How would she behave and comport herself after the third or fourth dip?

So far as I can see, the following explanation is the only one that will comport with these facts.