Composes [verb]

Definition of Composes:

be part of construction

Synonyms of Composes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Composes:

Sentence/Example of Composes:

Despite being smaller than Earth’s moon, and despite temperatures hovering around -390 degrees Fahrenheit, Pluto has a complex atmosphere composed of nitrogen laced with methane and carbon monoxide and filled with an unexpected blue haze.

In the new study, Kwok-Yung Yuen, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong, and colleagues analyzed most of the genetic blueprint, composed of RNA, of each of the patient’s coronavirus infections and looked for differences.

The goal hasn’t been to get cheaper but to get better composed, that’s ongoing and will continue.

Yet if you examine very large, massive galaxies you find that they tend to be composed of older stars, suggesting that they’ve already sat around in their dotage for a very long time.

His commentaries comparing Galileo’s time to today’s are weaved into an engagingly composed and pleasantly readable account.

This makes it particularly interesting as it is not only composed entirely of heavy quarks, but also four quarks of the same kind—making it a unique specimen to test our understanding on how quarks bind together.

In transgenic mice with light-activated neurons, the team used targeted light beams to activate their glomeruli in space and time, like tapping piano keys to compose a melody.

Any real number composed with, or multiplied by, 1 remains unchanged.

The music you hear throughout the episode was composed by Luis Guerra.

These giant firms imagine that they can they can compose the innovation by a plan.