Compositions [noun]

Definition of Compositions:

structure, arrangement

Synonyms of Compositions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compositions:

Sentence/Example of Compositions:

He really seems to care almost nothing for his piano-playing or for his piano compositions.

It is exceedingly difficult and is one of the few of his compositions that it interests Liszt to know that people play.

Tausig had a great ambition to be a composer, and in his early youth he published a number of compositions.

He is thought to be little inferior to Racine in the merit of his dramatic compositions.

The compositions received have been funded in the Three per Cent, Consols to an amount exceeding 900l.

You have wandered all over the face of the earth, as my teacher used to complain I did in writing my compositions.

Never once, either in class or during his private lessons, did he say so much as a word about his own compositions.

At the present moment the firm of Jurgenson is almost the sole possessor of Tchaikovskys compositions.

He had heard so much of the beauty of the Little Russian folk-songs, and hoped to amass material for his future compositions.

Tin crowns are suspended over many of them, showing that the pictures are prize compositions: and pretty things, indeed, they are!