Compounding [verb]

Definition of Compounding:

mix, combine

Synonyms of Compounding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compounding:

Sentence/Example of Compounding:

The doctor was alone in it, and stood compounding pills behind the counter.

So that, like acetanilid, the old argument of the nostrum men that the preparation needs skill in compounding will not hold.

In this way all danger of causing the broken bones to protrude and thus "compounding" the fracture is also avoided.

These languages have always found it easier to create new words by compounding afresh elements ready to hand.

The prescription for compounding that mixture could obviously be learned by nothing but experiment.

“This will never do,” said Bob, as he sat one evening in my rooms compounding his second tumbler.

How many useless or poisonous nostrums of our own compounding do we call by the name of the true restorative!

She had reduced him to the compounding of excuses; after her attack, drawing away, she had managed to make him follow her.

He found no satisfaction in compounding the heathen practices of his flock for money, as do his fellows.

Ill want a hypodermic when I come back—if I succeed in compounding the formula.