Compounds [noun]

Definition of Compounds:

combination, mixture

Synonyms of Compounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compounds:

Sentence/Example of Compounds:

The black sticks resembling lollipops are said to be compounds of rum, bullocks' blood and tobacco lees.

On the addition of a small quantity of lime, it again acquired the power of withdrawing ammonia from its compounds.

When the food is rich in nitrogenous compounds, the value of the manure is considerably increased.

Consequently, these organic compounds do not interfere with tests which may be carried out in strongly acid solution.

In these attempts there were efforts to form new compounds as well as a search for simple solvents.

Gebir lays down, as a primary principle, that all metals are compounds of mercury and sulphur.

He used no strange compounds, and shunned an unnatural verse.

They oxidize organic materials, changing them to compounds that can be absorbed by plants and used in building protoplasm.

In chemistry, compounds having acid properties derived from the various fats and oils.

Compounds of terchloride of gold with chlorides of other bases.