Comprehended [verb]

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Awe, the emotional response and feelings of wonder people experience when seeing things that they can’t fully comprehend, has long been associated with better mental and physical health.

We in the media unfortunately spent a couple of decades abetting this by deifying young tech founders who, it was often implied, simply know things we mere mortals can never comprehend.

In any case, once science began to comprehend the subatomic world, no force could stop the eventual revelation of the atom’s power.

Make Googlebot do as little leg-work as possible in order to comprehend your content.

I saw a few pictures in there that looked pretty but couldn’t comprehend what I was reading.

We cannot bring our minds to comprehend that power; but let us raise our thoughts and try to understand something concerning it.

These cherished plants seemed to comprehend and requite unaffected love.

Nor hast thou ever known, Aspasia,Or couldst thou comprehend the thoughts that onceThou didst inspire in me.

Not long after this talk Bessie had an experience in school that helped her to comprehend her mother's words.

It is very important they should comprehend my act quite clearly, and he is the very man to do this great service to humanity.