Comprehensible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comprehensible:

It’s that much of the base has, for comprehensible reasons, embraced the idea that they’re better served by fending for themselves than organizing under the umbrella of the party.

More comprehensible research has shown that behavior seems to be the most important tool to cope with extreme heat in warm-blooded creatures.

These patterns are not necessarily apparent or comprehensible to the human eye.

Now there is a cause for this, as there is no effect without a cause, a comprehensible remediable cause.

This attitude of the scientific world toward these problematical occurrences is quite comprehensible.

If religion was comprehensible, priests would not have so many charges here below.

To even such genuine modesty as Jim-Ed's this was comprehensible.

This historical inquiry was neither comprehensible nor interesting.

But this attitude was not very comprehensible to her present companion.

All this makes the slackening of vigor toward the end of a long novel comprehensible.