Comprises [verb]

Definition of Comprises:

make up, consist of

Synonyms of Comprises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comprises:

Sentence/Example of Comprises:

It has been a frequently debated question whether man comprises a single species or two or more species of animal descent.

The list of members amounts to 520, and their yacht list comprises over 300 vessels of sorts and sizes.

The sixth and last comprises those who collect the tenth of the price of the articles sold.

The colonial empire comprises over fifty distinct governments.

It comprises two distinct zones, a maritime zone and an inland zone.

It comprises a court for worshippers, where sacrifice can be offered; an outer sanctuary; and an inner shrine.

The building comprises two stories, the first of which communicated with that of the Cloth Hall.

If universal Intelligence comprises all the individual intelligences, might not the latter all be identical?

The real source of energy in Sanatogen, then, lies in the casein which comprises about nine-tenths of its ingredients.

The list of tribes settled at Chicomoztoc at this time comprises only seven according to most authors.