Compromised [verb]

Definition of Compromised:

give and take

Opposite/Antonyms of Compromised:

Sentence/Example of Compromised:

Of these Napoleon was well advised, but Bernadotte was too cunning to allow himself to be compromised absolutely.

But glorious as his conduct was, his rash impetuosity more than once seriously compromised Napoleon's plans.

I wanted to jump and shout, but I compromised by taking Dr. Hudson down for a gleeful drink and planning our next tactic.

Abramko had allowed himself to be compromised in the Polish insurrection and Magus was interested in saving him.

I attended Ireland with great alacrity; but the business seems to be compromised.

I compromised by stretching out along a hard couch raised some six inches above the floor.

Our maid and a porter favored the Swiss man, so I compromised by paying the other man five dollars for his trouble.

Finally we compromised on seventy-five dollars, and he promised to let me have more if I sent our letter of credit.

Parnell now began an action against the Times, which was quickly compromised by a payment of 5,000.

Leeds considered that as foreign secretary he was specially compromised, and resigned the seals.