Compromises [noun]

Definition of Compromises:

agreement, give-and-take

Synonyms of Compromises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compromises:

Sentence/Example of Compromises:

We have our machine and our compromises, and all the rest of it; and even a few wholly rotten boroughs.

Now, Miss Isobel had spent her life in evasions and reservations and compromises.

Most of his churches were ingenious compromises between his ideals and their necessities or whims.

Grace returned in a tone apparently implying that in so rash an adventure one must be prepared for compromises and concessions.

It is this which characterizes it, and it is this also which compromises it in the eyes of a good many folks.

We have accepted plain departures from or compromises with Christian teaching as the recognised law of action.

When the constitution of the United States was framed many compromises were made.

For we were in the absolute South now—no modifications, no compromises, no half-way measures.

Yet it is conceivable that this omission seriously compromises the discussion of other kinds.

The result was a compromise, which, like most compromises, satisfied the more logical and consistent of neither party.