Compromising [verb]

Definition of Compromising:

give and take

Synonyms of Compromising:

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Sentence/Example of Compromising:

After three hours of anger, the Republicans agreed to a compromise, and Wayne County’s election was certified after all.

When it filed the petition Tuesday, TikTok said the government had not responded to its latest efforts to strike a compromise and prevent an enforced sale.

Threatened by climate change, extractive industries, and other forces that are quickly shrinking their Mountain West habitat, the birds have come to represent the struggle for compromise and collaboration among a wide array of stakeholders.

Republican lawmakers argued Sunday that those results amounted to a rejection of far-left policies and a call for compromise, most immediately on legislation addressing the coronavirus crisis.

There will always be pressure points and funding deadlines that force action and force compromise.

In the end, the matter was left to a “Committee on Unfinished Parts,” which settled on a compromise design political scientist Robert Alexander describes as “a Frankenstein’s monster” that combined elements of all three approaches.

It was created as a compromise at the 1787 Federal Convention between delegates that desired the president to be chosen by members of Congress and those who wanted the president chosen by the people.

In the letter, he noted that he and Pelosi had spoken almost daily for the past 45 days “in an attempt to reach a serious bipartisan compromise,” amid a spiking pandemic and worsening economic conditions.

He understands to pass the legislation the Democratic Party is proposing compromises may have to be made.

Bloomberg reported Tuesday that Tiffany is seeking around $132 a share as a compromise price, citing people familiar with the matter.