Comptroller [noun]

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So home by moonshine, and by the way was overtaken by the Comptroller's coach, and so home to his house with him.

Then the Comptroller and I by water to Mr. Coventry, and there discoursed upon the same thing.

So we shall save the King some money, which both the Comptroller and his clerke had absolutely given away.

One bank remonstrated against the comptroller's decision, desiring to retain the services of women "hitherto satisfactory."

In the case of one bank, the Comptroller proved that not a single solitary loan had been made under fifteen per cent.

With a curt word, Dea dismissed her comptroller, and he went, followed by his train of shrieking men and women.

The county clerk's office occupied a part of the apartments of the present comptroller.

The Comptroller was largely intrusted with the duties of enforcing this law.

In 1892 the authority was given to the Comptroller to license common carriers.

In 1894 the Comptroller was given power to appoint appraisers in cases of tuberculosis and glanders.