Compulsive [adjective]

Definition of Compulsive:

driving, obsessive

Synonyms of Compulsive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compulsive:

Sentence/Example of Compulsive:

The Martin House’s 12 ft by 15 ft bursar’s office, as it was called, was designed to accommodate the owner’s compulsive work habits.

Determined, stubborn, and tireless, she was motivated by what she described as an “almost compulsive desire to be busy and useful.”

There were all these people with Parkinson’s disease who started becoming compulsive gamblers.

This medication raised their levels of dopamine, which helped with the motor problems, but it also turned them into compulsive gamblers.

Other research and reporting suggest the pandemic has exacerbated symptoms for people with disordered eating, substance use disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and other diagnoses.

Nowhere in the world, I am sure, does the "to be continued in our next" interest take hold on one with such a compulsive grip.

In the hopes of averting so abhorrent, but compulsive an alternative.

He still takes us by the throat, but his grip is not compulsive.

Political and legal differences can be settled either by amicable or by compulsive means.

War is very often enumerated among the compulsive means of settling international differences.