Compulsory [adjective]

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On nearly all railways retirement is optional at sixty and compulsory at sixty-five.

It was probably the first case in Philippine history of a person voluntarily seeking compulsory expulsion from the Islands.

By direction of the Ministry of Education, compulsory religious instruction is being introduced in the State schools.

It is more to count on the universal mind than to brave compulsory public decency.

The fact of compulsory education created a proletariat able and willing to read.

Another set of articles was framed by the conference, which declared that the acceptance of them should be compulsory.

Before 1874 there had been no compulsory vaccination law in Germany except for the army.

The modern student is struck at once by the omissions in this compulsory classificatory scheme.

It was compulsory on each board of guardians to appoint a qualified medical officer, as part of the very first business.

By statute and order the Central Authority had authorised compulsory detention for four hours and the exaction of a task of work.