Computations [noun]

Definition of Computations:

performing arithmetic

Synonyms of Computations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Computations:

Sentence/Example of Computations:

Over the last few years, they’ve explored the use of neural networks — layers of computations that help machines process information through a rough approximation of our brain’s neuronal activity.

“It’s hard to predict when a problem will be reduced to a huge but finite computation,” Aaronson said.

Finally, after just half an hour of computations, they had an answer.

Our brains are really good at this—we copy computations inside the brains of others.

They can also deliver drugs or act as a biological “circuit board” on which biomolecules perform traditional computations.

Quantum mechanics seems to allow for a totally new kind of computation.

Fetching pen and paper, the blacksmith made a rapid computation of what would be due Oliver at any time within the next month.

Such a computation does not include the large number of stories read in our papers and magazines.

I believe, at the lowest computation, three hundred and fifty were left dead on the field.

The most careful computation showed they were in latitude about 19 south and longitude 140 west.