Computing [verb]

Definition of Computing:

calculate, estimate

Synonyms of Computing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Computing:

Sentence/Example of Computing:

The earnings of a workman are the basis for computing the amount of compensation he is to receive for an injury.

Long division ought to be easy and interesting for a child who knew that it was something used in computing batting averages.

We heard some mathematical member of the company computing the number of years of missionary service the family had rendered.

Whether you have raised the poultry yourself or have purchased it in the market, use the market price in computing your costs.

We have no basis for computing the ages that shall be requisite to make amends there for wanton failure here.

Babylonia, for example, gave us our seven-day week and our system of computing by twelves.

Here is an excellent justification for renting computing equipment: if units do not work well, they can be returned.

The typical university computing center is our model for such a facility.

Two systems were clearly stated to be in successful on-line operation with external computing centers.

Can the local computing center handle the needs, and at what cost?