Comrades [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Comrades:

Consequently, he was soon chosen captain by his comrades, and once war broke out he speedily rose.

All was ready, and as they started a thousand eyes followed them, and with bated breath their comrades watched them as they rode.

One man, more fortunate than his comrades, continued to use with much economy the most precious of all his stores—tobacco.

Thus Ney returned to France in disgrace with his comrades, and hated by his enemies owing to the licence he allowed his soldiers.

Believe me, comrades, he has little better to boast than a brute, who cannot temper his courage with feeling.

His experience and ability soon marked him out for command, and he was chosen by his comrades as lieutenant-colonel.

Those behind pressed forward, only to bite the dust, like their comrades, under the spears and axes of the Scots.

His poetical gifts were already the admiration not only of his comrades, but of the outer world.

The committee will be masked, and comrades - 75 - without their personal card will be refused at the door.

The passage concerning their gallant comrades' rank should be specially remarked.