Comradeship [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Comradeship:

Their perfect comradeship would prove a mutual inspiration, a source of increased strength.

Within the twelvemonth I became her worshiper; and ours was the dearest and perfectest comradeship that ever was.

There had been their intimate comradeship in the savagery (from my point of view) of the last few months.

He realized how strong must be the sense of comradeship in Mr. Cornelius to break through his habits of tenacious secrecy.

Mother Bab was thinking of her boy and Phœbe, of their gay comradeship.

She had the gift for comradeship, and with it a freedom of mind unusual in one of her class.

He would have liked a little intellectual stimulus and comradeship.

And there the world left him, alone with his good little brother Thomas, both contented in their comradeship.

It is one of the charms of comradeship that it frankly accepts and frankly gives without weighing or accounting.

But show them a little kindness and understanding and comradeship, and the results are astonishing.