Concavity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Concavity:

The little concavity between the false vocal bands above and the true vocal bands below is termed the ventricle of the larynx.

Then rest the cork with the forks as counter-weights upon the end of the egg to which the concavity has been adapted.

Next cut a slight concavity in one end of one of the corks, so as to adapt it as exactly as possible to one end of an egg.

It drops into a vast concavity in the sand rock, where the water is of unfathomable depth, black and still.

Long shallow flakes were removed to thin the base in the basal concavity.

It is circular, and is placed on the concavity of the ventral flexure.

She was at the center of a far flung concavity of crest and range.

The lateral depressor muscle is attached to several quite distinct crests, seated in a concavity beneath the adductor ridge.

The charge is put in at the throat, near the summit of the octagonal or square concavity, for they are made of both forms.

Ditto, with rounded bottom, enlarged middle and small concavity on apex.