Concealing [verb]

Definition of Concealing:

hide, disguise

Synonyms of Concealing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concealing:

Sentence/Example of Concealing:

Nothing but an extreme love of truth could have hindered me from concealing this part of my story.

Therefore they charge the governor with concealing it; and all that is without the aid of authority to make investigation.

This method of concealing the face, together with the wearing of the immense hat, was a symbol of mourning.

Concealing her repugnance to his advances, she gently but firmly refused him, telling him her duty was to her aged father.

His conduct in concealing facts that ought to have been made known to the insurer may have that effect.

These authors do not avail themselves of the invention of letters for the purpose of conveying, but of concealing, their ideas.

Two trusty messengers were accordingly sent, Essex not concealing his opinion that force alone could reduce the North.

This alteration considerably increased its bulk, and added to Rose's difficulty in concealing it from curious eyes.

False gods, whatever degree of godhead they usurped, had for a time the mystifying power of concealing their falsehood.

Concealing myself in their dark shadow, I could observe at my leisure the movements of the sentinels.