Conceded [verb]

Definition of Conceded:

acknowledge, give in

Synonyms of Conceded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conceded:

Sentence/Example of Conceded:

Historically, now is when the winners are gracious, the losers concede, and all Americans acknowledge the outcome and turn their attention to the challenges of everyday life.

WarnerMedia appears to have gotten Amazon to concede in one respect.

By refusing to concede, he propagates the myth that he is being forced from office precisely because he has kept faith with his base.

To be fair, the Reds conceded seven of those 16 goals in one extraordinarily flukey match against Aston Villa.

This race has been called, but the president, as he threatened to do before the election, has refused to concede and instead leaned on a series of lawsuits to contest results.

City Councilwoman Barbara Bry officially conceded the race for mayor in a Zoom call on Monday morning.

He had conceded the night of the election, but then called Bush back with second thoughts.

Alumni Action Group members concede that the superintendent’s suggestions might not be perfect.

Freitas did not concede, saying late Wednesday that out of respect for his supporters, staff and “the importance of this race,” he would wait until all votes were tallied — likely by Friday — to make a statement.

Republican incumbent Thom Tillis declared victory over Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham, but the latter has yet to concede.