Conceding [verb]

Definition of Conceding:

acknowledge, give in

Synonyms of Conceding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conceding:

Sentence/Example of Conceding:

To put that number in perspective, Liverpool conceded just 22 goals during the entire 2018-19 season.

She later conceded that she had not anticipated the struggles that awaited them.

One Homeland Security official called it “another Tuesday on the internet,” but conceded there was still cause for concern in the election aftermath.

Makeshift lineups were largely responsible for conceding seven goals in the final two matches.

“It’s not the most normal time to be doing this,” he easily concedes, yet Fluker remains undaunted.

The AP won’t declare a winner if a race could result in a recount, though it may make a final decision if the trailing candidate publicly concedes or confirms they won’t challenge the result.

The San Diego mayoral results showed Assemblyman Todd Gloria with a solid lead, but City Councilwoman Barbara Bry said she won’t concede yet.

Although Pappas initially denied the charge, he later conceded the relationship, but said he was dating an ex-lobbyist and received no gifts from him.

Taking on such cases can be mentally and emotionally taxing, he concedes, and he relaxes by working in the yard and going for walks around his neighborhood.

Paranormal researchers say they’re hearing way more reports than usual, though they concede that the spooky noises people are hearing may be normal house sounds they aren’t used to because they’re normally at work.