Conceivable [adjective]

Definition of Conceivable:

reasonable, easy to understand

Synonyms of Conceivable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conceivable:

Sentence/Example of Conceivable:

It’s conceivable, but barely so, that the molecules will collect in the corner of the little box and then be in an even more special state.

It’s conceivable to me that the next multi-million or even billion-dollar global sporting franchise could be in esports.

The business model for private equity firms like Leonard Green involves stripping cash out of the organization, loading down operations with debt and reducing every conceivable expense.

Still, “it’s conceivable that you could be surprised,” says Greg Adkins.

It’s been a long slog to get to the point where doing error correction is even conceivable.

Loss, where she was concerned, involved a permanent and irremediable bereavement—no substitute was conceivable.

The plagued nation effected a revolution over its snuff-boxes in the happiest conceivable manner.

It is conceivable that the art of agriculture may have been one of the outcomes of the situation in which man now found himself.

Above, in the lower lofts, every conceivable human oddity was assembled in a sort of mercantile crazy quilt.

They are such illogical fools; a logical fool in an office, with a lot of red tape, is conceivable.