Concentrating [verb]

Definition of Concentrating:

think about closely

Opposite/Antonyms of Concentrating:

Sentence/Example of Concentrating:

He was also the one and only personage in the drama, concentrating on himself the attention of the audience.

Accordingly the general at once set about quietly concentrating his troops to meet an invasion of Northern Italy by the Allies.

The enemy was not more than twenty-two miles away, and was known to be concentrating from all the West.

The man from Fraser was concentrating his attention on business; at least he found plenty of non-political work for Dan to do.

Out or in, the attack was concentrating on his end—only McCarty and he could stop it.

He walked over to the wall and stood a few feet away from it, concentrating in the way he had been taught.

They say General Hunter and a division is concentrating here too, and a large force is visible in the valley, marching up.

Wherever you find the greatest force concentrating, there youll find the ultimate power.

Meanwhile, information was received that Gwalior forces were rapidly concentrating in our front.

Crowds that had been attenuated strings along the sidewalks began drawing in and concentrating at the court-house square.