Conceptions [noun]

Definition of Conceptions:

understanding; idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Conceptions:

Sentence/Example of Conceptions:

But as both conceptions are related somehow to the idea of cost, the substitution is never discovered.

Guiscard, who sometimes joined our party, was now and then moved to smile at our unripe conceptions of the nature of things.

Organisation ensues, and the general conceptions of state-deities and state-ritual are made more definite and precise.

In the case of the solitary forms, such new conceptions die with the individual.

Its faculties of observation and imitation are actively exercised, and new habits and conceptions are quickly gained.

It was to the Pentagram Circle that I first broached the new conceptions that were developing in my mind.

We cannot, therefore, frame good general conceptions beforehand.

General conceptions formed without this thorough knowledge, are Bacon's "notiones temer rebus abstract."

I had never doubted my new conceptions before; now I doubted them profoundly.

They deal with the most elemental religious conceptions and are full of the imagery of nature.