Concerti [noun]

Definition of Concerti:

written or musical creation

Synonyms of Concerti:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concerti:

Sentence/Example of Concerti:

Going back, Liszt indulged in a little graceful badinage apropos of the concerto.

Frulein Fichtner was the young lady who was going to play his concerto in A major at the concert that evening.

The concerto made a generally dazzling and difficult impression upon me, but did not "take hold" of me particularly.

Frulein Fichtner had already departed, but the first violinist played Mendelssohn's famous concerto for violin.

Then, child, you've fallen on your head, if you don't know that at least you must have a second copy of the concerto!

I played him my Rubinstein concerto two weeks ago and told him I wanted to play it in a concert.

Nevertheless, he listened patiently for the thousandth time to the E flat concerto, as Steiniger played it.

She had prepared Beethoven's great E flat Concerto, which everybody plays here.

At the end of the concerto the applause was generous enough to satisfy the most exacting virtuoso.

Besides this he has composed a violin concerto and a number of smaller pieces.