Concluded [verb]

Definition of Concluded:

finish, come to an end

Synonyms of Concluded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concluded:

Sentence/Example of Concluded:

The Food and Drug Administration withdrew its emergency-use authorization for hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients in June, concluding that safety risks, including heart problems, outweighed any potential benefits.

Reviews of the 13-inch MacBook Pro claim that the fan doesn't spin up as often as it used to, but iFixit concludes here that that's because of the shift from an Intel chip to the M1, not because of an improved cooling system.

Bezos’s personal philosophy, Isaacson concludes, is an intriguing mixture of “social liberalism” and a fervent commitment to free-market, entrepreneurial capitalism.

As he concluded the performance, he and his dancers turned to applaud the band.

Sinopharm chairman Liu Jingzhen said on Wednesday that 100,000 people had been given the vaccine during the China International Import Expo, a trade fair that just concluded in Shanghai.

You conclude in the paper that, “The vast majority of brands over-invest in advertising and could increase profits by reducing their advertising spending.”

The report did not find evidence that university employees intentionally hid allegations about Philbert’s misconduct, but concluded that the school should have done more to investigate a credible allegation of sexual misconduct in 2005.

“Sincerely, Kevin Clarkson, Attorney General,” it concluded.

Pilots weren’t initially told that the system existed because Boeing concluded that they could easily disable it using an emergency procedure that had been in place for decades and was required to be memorized at some airlines.

The exact method varies state to state, but generally a secretary of state or a state board of elections will meet after counting is concluded and sign a certification of the results.