Concludes [verb]

Definition of Concludes:

finish, come to an end

Synonyms of Concludes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concludes:

Sentence/Example of Concludes:

Concerning the claim or claims with which the inventor concludes his specification many questions have arisen.

The man she marries will be the one I approve of, and then she will live happy ever after, concludes the fond parent.

And he concludes with announcing that he sends several flags taken from the enemy.

It might be nothing more than the ordinary “grab racket” with which a feast commonly concludes; it might be something worse.

The book concludes with some remarks on the inhabitants of the mountainous districts of Samnium and Campania.

The 17th book concludes the work with the description of Egypt, Ethiopia, and the north coast of Africa.

The rite concludes by the recipient spitting on a consecrated host and the whole assembly piercing it in turn with stilettos.

He concludes him to be the man of the hardest fate to lose so much honour at one blow that ever was.

Each stanza concludes with the refrain, "Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?"

So the objector concludes, and never surely without great profit from his having been "drawn."