Conclusions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conclusions:

I issued a censure, and ordered that no one should agree to their conclusions, and that the Dominicans should not hold them.

And everybody, or nearly everybody, bases on these obvious facts a series of entirely erroneous conclusions.

Of his book he himself said, “My conclusions may be disputed, but no one shall dispute the facts on which they are based.”

Have sifted the apparent similarity between the two, and drawn conclusions accordingly.

A simple inspection of this table leads to various interesting conclusions.

This, of course, reviewed the whole subject of our inquiry and embodied our final conclusions and recommendations.

This difficulty is encountered more or less in all the other experiments, and precludes absolute conclusions.

I had hopes myself—you know that, and as I neither fiddled nor recited poetry your own conclusions may be wrong.

To these conclusions I may add another, of more restricted significance, though the evidence in favor of it is not yet complete.

The world is growing rapidly more scientific, and the old method of arriving at conclusions is daily losing strength.