Concomitants [noun]

Definition of Concomitants:

one of a pair; partner

Synonyms of Concomitants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concomitants:

Sentence/Example of Concomitants:

Concurrence finds incidents or concomitants of a fact or event, something that by accident became connected with it.

Has not one with this most respectable weed, this prime havana, the concomitants of a thousand reveries?

Tubercles, and all their concomitants as above detailed, are also met with in the liver, though not so frequently as in the lungs.

There is no occasion for those unsightly concomitants of London sanitation, scavengers' carts.

Gale succeeded gale, with all their concomitants of bitter cold, driving sleet and snow, and tremendous seas.

But this board of advice and conciliation never sat, so we need not comment upon its possible concomitants.

Henceforward half her earnings must go in rent, though her house and its concomitants are detestable beyond words.

And usually the concomitants will show something of this to others.

There was no recurrence of the sleeping fit with its concomitants.

You have sucked all my spiritual being with its concomitants out of me, and cannot put it back again.