Concordant [adjective]

Definition of Concordant:

harmonious, musical

Synonyms of Concordant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concordant:

Sentence/Example of Concordant:

Now a recollection thus precise and concordant cannot be a myth voluntarily invented.

Their two characters blend together like concordant sounds, or two streams of running water.

The results are concordant and exact only when the cyanide is standardised under the same conditions as it is used.

That Love which makes sun and stars revolve was giving a concordant revolution to my desire and my will.

At de ejus tempore concordant omnes, unum tantum constituentes Zoroastrem, eumque in eodem seculo ponentes.

Concordant superscripta cum originali collatione fcta per me Ben.

The optimistic and pessimistic points-of-view are the means by which the concordant and discordant notes in life are sounded.

Another type of filmometer which gives very concordant results was recently devised by the writer and de Horvath.

The spontaneous and very rapid spread of his order proves that it was concordant with a great popular taste.

Concordant set forms do serve for the exactest concord in the churches, that all at once may speak the same things.