Concordat [noun]

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The hellenizers had not lost all hope of converting the nation and were indisposed to acquiesce in the concordat.

The purport of these latter articles was to destroy or contradict in great part the concessions granted by the Concordat.

Thus it was that the outlook at the beginning of the century was little favorable to the just execution of the Concordat.

Thereupon, he made known to Napoleon his objections, retracted everything contained in the Concordat, rendering it thereby null.

The Church in France has always stood loyally to the observance of the Concordat, in spite of its many hampering restrictions.

Napoleon, by restoring religion in France in the Concordat, has given us a memorable example of this truth.

A great religious revival set in in Prussia, culminating in the Concordat with the Pope in 1821.

Their master-stroke was the Concordat of 1516, which meant an immense stride in the path towards absolutism.

While Germany and England, where ultramontane doctrines had been allowed to creep in, were seeking a remedy The concordat of 1516.

Its most striking result was the rupture of the Concordat between France and the Vatican.