Concrete [adjective]

Definition of Concrete:

actual, factual

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Sentence/Example of Concrete:

It’s a decision thousands of people in the concrete jungle, and other urban centers, have had to make.

Most existing 3D printed buildings are made of an enriched and reinforced concrete mixture, but Mighty Buildings developed its own synthetic stone to print with.

We were able to include $300 million for the EPA to make concrete improvements to the local infrastructure to clean up these rivers.

Then different power companies might contract with different concrete companies, offering different prices or value of that work.

While the report may not offer much new information, it’s one of few concrete guidances available to US educators.

While touring the then steel-and-concrete skeleton of the facility last year, Rangers manager Chris Woodward told a team official that it didn’t feel like a stadium, rather, “an arena.”

The material they can be built from is currently limited to concrete and plastics, which aren’t practical in some climates.

The authors, however, do mention that 3D printing concrete bases on site, while not yet proven feasible, could solve many of these problems.

They attached one to a robotic arm and used it to pick up a block of concrete.

Since the growing bacteria help produce the material, this concrete could be made where it would be used, Srubar points out.