Concretely [adverb]

Definition of Concretely:

expressly, particularly

Synonyms of Concretely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concretely:

Sentence/Example of Concretely:

In fact, Ruben says Mighty’s synthetic material is hydrophobic and less susceptible to changes in temperature, which gives it an advantage over other 3D printed structures that use more traditional concrete materials.

After concrete is poured for highway pavement, for example, it takes hours to cure and become strong enough to open for traffic.

In his private business, he manufactures concrete structures such as offices, hotels and parking garages.

We asked a number of digital marketers and technology companies to offer concrete advice for brands, publishers and advertisers about what they could or should do now to prepare for CPRA.

She suggested discussing what was on the agenda for tomorrow, which gave Chris something concrete to focus on.

It’s now concrete-covered cityscape near 119th Street and some railroad tracks.

In the absence of concrete answers, Reed urged people with parosmia to seek out others who may be having similar experiences, such as joining online support groups.

In 1962, when Bill Carroll was a student at Providence College, he worked a summer job in Rhode Island hauling and setting up portable forms into which concrete was poured for building foundations.

Federal transportation officials have barred the contractor responsible for manufacturing more than a thousand concrete panels for the Silver Line rail project from working on transportation projects involving federal funds for three years.

Amazon is taking concrete steps to cut its direct corporate emissions as well.