Concreteness [noun]

Definition of Concreteness:

facts of existence

Opposite/Antonyms of Concreteness:

Sentence/Example of Concreteness:

The timing of when to open a highway depends on when the concrete mix is cured.

Silver Line contractor pleads guilty to falsifying concrete quality testsThe company later settled a separate civil case brought by the Justice Department and the commonwealth of Virginia for $1 million.

As far as concrete legislation reforming Section 230, recent efforts have been scattered.

Organizers, activists, and advocates are offering many concrete policy recommendations across this country right now that could lead to prison industrial complex abolition.

The most concrete message out of all that communication is that existing Nest Secure users will have at least one more chance to stock up on hardware soon.

One reason for vamping over concrete steps or ways forward for marketers could be that few have a real sense of what the future holds for their brands given the upheaval of the last year, according to industry analysts.

From the first months of his presidency, his approval ratings were fixed in concrete.

A couple of meters in height, they were propped up on a patch of concrete in one of Singapore’s nondescript suburbs.

Without concrete action, I believe a generation of women may never fully recover.

The selection of succulent flowers against the grey concrete give this planter a stylish modern look.