Concretion [noun]

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A concretion of rounded quartz pebbles, cemented by ferruginous matter, apparently of recent formation.

In the first place, what common element is there in matter, form, and the concretion of matter and form?

Phleb′olite, a calcareous concretion found in a vein; Phlebol′ogy, science of the veins; Phleb′orrhage, venous hemorrhage.

Again, The concretion of Ice will not endure a dry attrition without liquation; for if it be rubbed long with a cloth, it melteth.

And many bodies will coagulate upon commixture, whose separated natures promise no concretion.

Concretion or Co-inherence denotes inseparable or necessary connection, such as that between substance and quality.

No substance is so favourable to nitrification as the natural stony concretion known under the name of lime-tuf.

The symptoms produced by their presence vary in accordance with the situation of the concretion.

The silicious concretion obtained from the leaves is used as a polish in the form of polish paper.

Sometimes it will not be found at all; it has done its work--the tooth is loose, but the concretion is gone, in whole or in part.