Concurs [verb]

Definition of Concurs:

agree, approve

Synonyms of Concurs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concurs:

Sentence/Example of Concurs:

All the best authorities concur in the uncertain properties of the salts of gold.

His companion, who appeared to concur in this, glanced with evident regret at the six dollars which still lay beside him.

In England, both government and people concur in this improvement.

Though the English historians all concur in her praise, they seem to know very little of her.

The question is, what is the probability that a statement, in which they both concur, will be true.

Does it require of a public man to refuse to concur in amending laws, because they passed against his consent?

Tribes the most diverse in language, and situated at the greatest distances apart, concur in this.

Mary seemed to concur in this, for she smiled, and rubbed Bumper's head before adding.

I cannot, however, by any means concur in the extension given to it.

Other observers in Charleston concur in dividing the movement into five phases.