Condemnable [adjective]

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Scientists around the world, including in China, have condemned this work, and as recently as September of 2020, an international committee of experts said that CRISPR is not ready for use in viable human embryos.

I think that all of these groups are equal, and I condemn them on the strongest terms, and we need to remain one nation under God.

Now it’s on a nosedive to the other end of the spectrum—we’re condemning it and focusing on its ills and unintended consequences.

He also acknowledged to the federal government that, during the same summer, he tried to help a landlord reopen a condemned piece of property through a pair of “consultants,” including another county employee.

To date, only three prominent Republicans, Supervisor Dianne Jacob, congressional candidate Darrell Issa and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer have condemned the video.

Earlier this year, Jones sent out a press release condemning the idea of remote voting and arguing that it’s unconstitutional.

Even other police departments and unions around the US have, in an unusual move, condemned the way Minneapolis police handled the situation.

A draft was submitted to Marx and he wrote of it that it was "utterly condemnable and demoralizing to the party."

Of our Cant, all condemnable, how much is not condemnable without pity; we had almost said, without respect!

"The theocratic despotism of kings or the democratic despotism of majorities" are alike condemnable.