Condemned [adjective]

Definition of Condemned:

sentenced to punishment

Synonyms of Condemned:

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Sentence/Example of Condemned:

All 100 senators — Democrats and Republicans — voted for a resolution that condemned his interpretation of the statute.

Noted Republican pollster Frank Luntz went as far as to condemn the entire profession of political polling on the morning after Election Day.

We think these attacks are unconscionable and should be condemned by all civilized society.

Only the Republican leadership has demonstrated the predictable and lamentable failure to condemn the president’s baseless attacks on the integrity of the election.

As I prepared my testimony, Facebook was struggling to cope with QAnon, a militarized social movement being monitored by their dangerous-organizations department and condemned by the House in a bipartisan bill.

Former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat considered Galizia a harsh critic of his but condemned the “barbaric” attack and stepped down in January 2020 over the political crisis sparked after the case.

In a statement to Recode, Klobuchar told Recode that technology companies, including Facebook, have not met those standards, and she condemned recent reports about the company trying to squash research.

I mean, also, at this point, The president has been repeatedly asked about QAnon and has repeatedly declined to condemn it in a way that would actually do anything to lessen its power.

All four women chained themselves to San Diego City Hall and demanded a representative speak to them about condemning felony charges against activists who rescue animals from harsh conditions.

His work was condemned, and he’s now serving a prison sentence.