Condemning [verb]

Definition of Condemning:

blame, convict

Opposite/Antonyms of Condemning:

Sentence/Example of Condemning:

It was said to be most unparliamentary to pass a bill one week, and the next week to pass a resolution condemning that bill.

A resolution condemning the manner in which his accounts had been kept was lost by only one vote.

They knew that they could not carry a resolution directly condemning him.

Was there a chance that, in condemning Withers, they would destroy his reputation for brilliant work?

To prefer one thing does not involve condemning everything else.

That is human nature, and I am merely regretting, not condemning it.

It is difficult to say, for one never knows when he is praising or when he is condemning.

He was indisputably right in condemning a system under which the island was 'governed neither as a country conquered nor free.'

The character of the Templars is not rehabilitated by condemning the conduct of the King and Pope.

The other inmates had been holding a mock revolutionary trial and condemning one of their number to execution.