Condescend [verb]

Definition of Condescend:

stoop, humble oneself

Synonyms of Condescend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Condescend:

Sentence/Example of Condescend:

"I wouldn't condescend to be mean, Laura," put in Lady Margaret, whilst the dowager fanned her hot face.

“If you will condescend to explain the frying-pan I may perhaps relieve you from the fire,” said Selby with emphasis.

It will be quite all right for you to offer me a cup of tea, if your kitchen mechanic will condescend.

It went perforce to the ragman, if he would condescend to accept it.

They might condescend to drop me a courtesy, and then—anarchy, as before.

If you would invite me—or condescend to permit me to pay my share of the expenses.

He will rather condescend to peace upon hard terms now than stay longer, if he finds himself in danger to be forced to worse.

The better class of authors were too serious to condescend to compete with the badchen in their efforts to entertain.

The same is true when titled foreigners condescend to visit our "land of the dollar."

The dignified Arab who gave it to him did not condescend upon any reply, but turned to attend upon his other customers.