Condescending [adjective]

Definition of Condescending:

snobby, lordly

Synonyms of Condescending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Condescending:

Sentence/Example of Condescending:

He likes a man to speak out his mind like a man, which you know is very condescending on his part.

The aggravating smile of condescending wisdom kept playing about his lips.

The Covenant of Sinai was confirmed in a manner the most encouraging, as well as condescending and glorious.

In other circles Mrs. Errington was by no means so cool and condescending in speaking of the doctor's projected party.

I hate him—I hate him as much as I loathe myself for ever condescending to follow him.

Hunter said nothing but he felt a growing dislike for the condescending Rockford.

"Owd Sammy" glanced down at him with condescending tolerance.

It is feeble: and feebleness, in the disguise of confessing and condescending strength, is always popular.

Assarac smiled with the good-humoured superiority of an adept condescending to the crude intelligence of a neophyte.

The high and lofty One condescending to admit a sinful creature into his presence!