Conditioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conditioned:

And our views of poverty and social betterment, or what is possible and what is not, are still largely conditioned by it.

In everyday affairs a check is thus given and received, in fact it is only a payment conditioned on payment of the check.

We need not doubt, however, that in practice the form of the acre was largely conditioned by the nature of the ground.

Her neck, far too liberally exhibited, resembled nothing so much as the stem of an ill-conditioned, gnarly young olive tree.

Most of the people of Earth are security-conditioned from childhood.

For causation is a category of the conditioned, it belongs to the world we know.

Even before this epoch dreams may have a sexual character, and may be conditioned by sexual processes.

Instead of effecting the exchange that he had conditioned to see made, he plotted treason against his captors.

For a flogging is oftentimes the only punishment of which a rough and ill-conditioned boy is afraid.

He was telling me—the guy who did the job while he sat back on his fat paycheck in an air-conditioned office.